Career Planning

femmA Brief Summary

Since May 6, 2008 to present, I have been an employee of Logan City Council Libraries & Cultural Services (L&CS) as a Customer Service Officer ~ Multi Media with the Library Systems team.

With the support of Logan City Council Libraries & Cultural Services Management, I have accomplished completing the MIT(LIS) degree during the past 3 years (2011-2014) as part of my professional (and even personal) development. This degree was undertaken with the Queensland University Of Technology, a university located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

While studying the MIT(LIS) degree, newly attained knowledge, skills and abilities have been utilised professionally by L&CS where possible, across varying levels of service delivery.

I am very thankful for L&CS’s overall and continued support.

Career Statement

As a mature aged student of QUT’s MIT(LIS) degree that is near completion and as IT professional who initially landed feet first into the Australian Public Library sector back in 2008, I am now in the position of being able extend myself professionally within the LIS profession embarking upon a second career.

During the course of my studies, there were various times academic research had opened the way to network with other LIS professionals globally. Because of this, the 2 most wonderful opportunities emerged these past 12 months, broadening my worldview perceptions of a collective LIS profession. The MIT(LIS) Professional Practice fieldwork placements enabled connecting with peers locally within Australia and as well, worldwide:

  • Attend IFLA’s METLIB2014 conference, held in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Attend the Research Library, Art Gallery of South Australia
  • Accept acknowledgement from academic peers for my current employ

In aim of keeping the international networks communicating beyond completing the MIT(LIS) degree, I became an active participant in the Peer Mentoring Program (2014-2015) in July this year. This program is facilitated by the International Librarian Network and enables the opportunity to learn from many ‘librarian’ perspectives that encompass a common goal, the love of libraries worldwide.

By May 2015 next year, IFLA’s METLIB conference will be held in Zurich, Switzerland and of which, I will be attending so that I may continue fostering international connections made earlier this year, while taking in some sights and some long deserved annual leave.

Additionally, the forthcoming 18 months will merge volunteering time (from afar, electronically) with the Research Library, Art Gallery of South Australia. The Information Manager and Library Technician will be aided selectively, at their requested discretion.

Future LIS studies are currently being considered, though it is a matter of time and what opportunities have presented themselves in the next 12 months.

Most importantly (and in the interim), what has been gained as LIS knowledge, skills and attributes combined with a growing worldview perception, I will be able to share what is learned and experienced in the forthcoming years with Logan City Council’s Library & Cultural Service workplace colleagues.

A detailed Personal Professional Development plan has been included as part of the ePortfolio items.