Oh my! What have I done…?!

Back in 2011, INN632 was the initial module I had enrolled into, where it was broken down into 6 sub modules that were to be completed as one sub module per semester carrying over the 3 year period of part time study. Early in 2012, INN634 replaced INN632 as a ‘complete module’ which was facilitated and I felt slightly at odds with this occurring. While being reassured that all will be well, I never really cottoned on with completing each sub module individually, until dedicating Semester 2, 2014 to complete it.

As time progressed to the here and now, I have ended up completing this module solo where there was no interaction sitting in class with student peers. This led to several items of the ePortfolio relying upon experienced gained from other modules. An example of this is the Twitter Chat reflection, where luckily enough I fully engaged in Twitter as part of the INN333 module and was able to reflect upon Twitter in that context.

In developing the ePortfolio, I am very happy to be able to reflect upon how many modules were applicable to my employ with Logan City Council Libraries & Cultural Services (L&CS). There were over 10 assignments during the past 3 years relevant to my employ.

I believe this ePortfolio indicates my dedication to L&CS and as well, towards my academic studies that embraced a worldview through international connections made in the past year and a half. The completion of the degree itself, enables L&CS to engage my skills outside of my current role, such as reference librarian/librarian.

The growth in understanding the LIS profession is indicative of the items included within this ePorfolio, along with relevant skills and attributes gained.  The completion of the MIT(LIS) degree alone further enhances with the already known technological skill-set I have from previous studies and workplace experience.

Majority of the ePortfolio items have unfortunately been restricted due to L&CS as the focal point most of the time when carrying out university assignments, thus making confidentiality step in. However, every single assignment relevant to L&CS as context has proven beneficial to the branch management team and workplace colleagues in various areas of service delivery. This in it self makes me very happy!

In the forthcoming couple of years, I will still utilise the ePortfolio as a ‘checkpoint-charlie’ with my personal professional plan. As I am not one to directly put myself out there, I may fiddle with this ePortfolio and turn it into a blog of some form now study is complete and time permits.