Seminars, Workshops & The Likes

During the course of university studies, it has proven difficult in being able to allocate time physically and/or virtually so that I may carry out professional development seminars, workshops and the likes. Between my full-time employ with Logan City Council Libraries & Cultural Services as a library IT professional and studying part-time spare moments on a personal level have been as rare as hens’ teeth!

In saying that however, I have managed to:

  • attend a week long conference (METLIB2014)
  • become an active participant with the International Libraries Network (ILN, 2014/2015) Peer Mentor Program
  • subscribe to ALIA student/new grad news feeds
  • become a member of Library 2.0 (to access archived recordings of the organisation’s Virtual Conferences and in future, become professionally active as a member)

Additionally, I have undertaken professional development through Logan City Council’s Corporate Training program which has included completing:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness
  • Develop Work Priorities
  • Fundamentals in Project Management
  • Governance
  • Libraries Language & Early Literacy
  • Looking After Your Mates
  • Mind Mapping
  • Sexual Harassment & Workplace Bullying
  • Train the Intranet Trainer

The following reflections have been selected from either attending physically, virtually or through audio recordings. One is selected from the METLIB2014 conference presentations (as listed in My Intrepid Journey), another as a participant with ILN’s Peer Mentoring Program and the other two have been selected from Library 2.0’s 2013/2012 Virtual Conferences archived recordings.

How to be a Catalyst for Change: redefining the Library 2.0 Information Professional
Presented by Dr Sandra Hirsh
at Library 2.013 Virtual Conference
Technology, innovation and the library of the future
Presented by Joseph Murphy and Allison Dobbie
at METLIB2014, 7 May 2014
The New Librarianship Worldview
Presented by R. David Lankes
at Library 2.012 Virtual Conference
An ILN Engagement!
Reflecting a yesterday, today and tomorrow, in the here and now