An ILN Engagement!


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I was introduced to the International Librarian Network (ILN) earlier in the year (2014), when researching material for a university assignment…

ILN is a virtual meeting place for librarians worldwide so that as professionals they may spread their industry networks past individual geographical location. Additionally, ILN facilities a Peer Mentoring Program that is aimed at helping librarians develop these professional networks globally, believing that innovation and inspiration can cross borders among all participants. Participants of the program are able to share their experiences, opinions and ideas to create an international network of librarians.

Interestingly, ILN is run by volunteers across the globe and have many country coordinators that act as in-country contacts engaging as support for participants while promoting the Peer Mentoring program within their country. The organisation enjoys the support of many esteemed professional and commercial bodies worldwide while running as an independent organisation. The ILN uses a peer mentoring model which means (within the organisation’s parameters) that partners are not placed into established mentor/protégé roles, but rather are encouraged to view their partnership as a way to learn from each other; all are mentors and all are protégés.

When I had realised the international networking potential of this organisation as an extension to my own professional development, I had put forth an application to become a participant which was accepted and then included within the Peer Mentoring 2014/2015 ‘round’, starting from July 29, 2014.

I was (and still am) very excited!

Approved participants of the program are matched with others outside their country, based on the information provided to the program coordinators when initially applying as a participant. Partnerships are made for a fixed term and during this period, the partnerships are supported by regular contact and discussion points led by the program coordinators. While supported partnerships have an end date, it is the organisation’s vision that participants would develop a widening network of ongoing, independent professional relationships.

My Peer Mentoring partner is Dana Elliot, a lady from Detroit, MI and is within the employ of ProQuest as a Content Acquisitions Specialist. She completed her MLS from Wayne State University, Detroit in 2011.

So far the topics discussed online have been:

  • Getting to know you and participant work spaces
  • Discussion Topic 1:
    • Libraries & Social Media
    • Libraries & Social Media: A Pinterest Roundup
    • Libraries & Social Media: Follow a Library day
  • Discussion Topic 2:
    • Technology & Libraries (Part 1)
    • Technology & Libraries (Part 2)
  • Discussion Topic 3:
    • The role of Libraries in Disasters
  • Discussion Topic 4:
    • Conferences & Events
    • Conferences & Events: ILN at Library 2.0
    • Conferences & Events: Biblio Remix

There has also been additional conversation topics which participants have touch upon include:

  • 10 Networking tips for people who hate networking
  • Use Altmetrics to build your scholarly Community
  • Directory of Free Arab Journals

We are now in the fourth month of ILN’s round 3 Peer Mentoring Program and as you can see from above, conversations/discussions are exceedingly relevant to participants within the library and information sector caught up in today’s world, be it western or eastern and everything else in between!

I look forward to what is to come with the forthcoming Discussion Topics in the near future (which includes conversing in discussion with Dana, my ILN allotted peer) , let alone continue forging new networking relationships across the board ~ all on an international level!


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