Workshop 6 ~ Moving out into the profession

Warning, crossroads ahead!


At the crossroads

The final workshop for this module (INN632/634) looked at key topics that addressed being able to move out into the profession of libraries and varying institutions that as an information professional could move into. It essentially granted QUT’s MIT(LIS) students an opportunity to understand deeper what it takes to move out into the profession by exploring issues involved in managing a successful transition from student to professional.

While important information provided by the four guest speakers (Sue Hutley, Silvana Tuhtan, Fiona Watkins and Fiona Doyle) transferred to the students as newly founded knowledge, it actually gave me additional insight to what I already know (and experience) as a library IT person who is already employed the public library sector, as a Customer Service Officer ~ MultiMedia with Logan City Council Libraries & Cultural Services.

I was able to reflect more deeply upon the importance of nurturing already existing networks garnered over the years of study/employ and as well, being open to engaging in opportunities that enables networking proactively. This can be achieved by attending to conferences, seminars and symposiums combined with being involved with professional organisations within the industry or industries linked to the library and information sector.

During the time of my employ with Logan City Council’s public libraries, I have found it (the library and information profession) to be a very small industry where educators have enlisted industry professionals to be guest speakers with literally every single module of the MIT(LIS) degree. A prime example for this module alone had enlisted two industry professionals that I have had the pleasure in being within the same employ with Laney Robinson (Workshop 2) and Fiona Watkins (Workshop 6) , at a time that crossed our own professional career paths. As a student listening to them, I was gained a new perspective of them as library (information) professionals.

Once completion of this module (let alone the entire degree) is in hand, I know have acquired solid knowledge and many skills that contribute to specialising as an information professional locally, nationally and internationally when choosing to move further within the library and information profession. Furthermore, the urge continue studying as a research information professional lurks within the back of my mind waiting to be embraced.

Its just a matter of selecting the ‘right’ crossroad at the ‘right’ time…

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